“Who do I call?”

We are here to help!
The information below is intended to get you to the right place faster.

New Patients


Click here to schedule with Chase, Alissa, or Anna at our Fayetteville clinic. You may also text 479-222-0983.

Cosmetic surgery consultations

Call or text to schedule a consult. The cost is $100 for a consult with the Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon which can be applied to surgery.

Medical referral from another doctor

Referrals are processed in the order received. We see patients in Fayetteville, Rogers, and Joplin. We will call you to schedule your appointment!

Surgical Patients

Before Surgery

Before and after surgery, you will be contacted by both NSA (your surgeon’s team) and the surgery center. We are separate entities that work closely together to deliver our patients the highest care.

Contact the surgery center you are scheduled with for any of these FAQs:
Arrival time for surgery
Cost of the facility fee
Cost of the anesthesia fee
Medical clearance (if needed)
Questions about your normal medications
Questions about your health history

NWA Surgery Center

(Fayetteville) 479-249-6006

Regional Eye Center

(Joplin) 417-781-3630

Executive Park

(Fort Smith) 479-424-2744
Our NSA Surgery Coordinator can help with these topics:
Call or text 479-313-5799
Pre-Op instructions
Rx for surgery
Payment for the surgeon's fee
Rescheduling your surgery

After Surgery

Our NSA Physician Assistant (PA) and clinical technician work closely with the surgeon. They will call after surgery to check on you and schedule your post-op visit.

Call or text 479-279-6900
If you have a medical emergency, call 911
If you have a medical concern outside of normal business hours, you may call or text Dr. Heymann on his cell phone or go to your local emergency room.