A Future in Medicine

The NSA Internship

The Natural State Aesthetics Internship is an invaluable opportunity for the next generation of physicians to prepare for their future in medicine. The program is suitable for pre-med or gap year med students seeking to gain exposure to the plastic surgery or ophthalmology specialties.

During their tenure, interns will spend most of their time 1:1 with Dr. Heymann or in the patient encounter.  Additionally, there will be opportunities to shadow various functions of our private practice from the front desk to surgery scheduling.

Due to the time Dr. Heymann will personally invest in our intern, we ask for a 1-year commitment (approximately 8 hours per week on Mondays and/or Tuesdays).

Interested students should send their CV and statement of interest to careers@naturalstateaesthetics.com.

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"During my time at NSA, Dr. Heymann and the team were incredibly supportive, always eager to help me learn and grow. The internship gave me an opportunity to learn about different aspects of medicine as well as to discover more about myself as a future physician. I'm truly grateful for NSA – it's been an amazing experience!" 

- Angie Coambes, 23' Internship Alumni

"My experience at Natural State Aesthetics was very rewarding in many ways.  Dr. Heymann and his team exposed me to many different aspects of private practice, including clinic operations, patient care, and administrative duties.  To have a grasp on this so soon in my journey towards becoming a medical doctor is something that is invaluable to me.  I am forever grateful for this opportunity."

- Alaina Sisson, 23' Internship Alumni

Intro to History & Physical Examination

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Learning Objectives

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Concepts of Oculoplastic Surgery

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Intro to Electronic Medical Record

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Intro to Business Systems (Private Practice Medicine)

Intro to Local Anesthetics