The goal of Natural State Aesthetics is to preserve function while restoring you to your perceived natural state. Our surgical solutions are not meant to enhance you or make you someone different.

We want to effect a return to you – whether that means repositioning droopy eyelids, droopy brows, reducing puffy lower eyelids, resolving your tearing, or reestablishing harmony after trauma or skin cancer removal. 

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Will insurance cover your procedure?

We consider all facial procedures are cosmetic. But some eyelid and face surgeries such as blepharoplasty or brow lifting may be covered by insurance if an eye doctor determines they impact your vision

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Lids & Face Procedures

Cosmetic Procedures

If a procedure is performed solely to improve your appearance, it is considered cosmetic. That does not mean it is bad or not worth pursuing. Let's face it: appearance can matter.

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Insurance-covered Procedures

Functional Procedures

Restoration of function is the primary goal. But just because insurance may cover it, does not mean it should not look great.

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