When to start Neuromodulators like Botox


A frequently asked question we receive, particularly as more people are considering preventative Botox treatments, is whether it is too early to begin and how to determine the appropriate timing for treatment.

In general, there is no need to start Botox before static lines, which are wrinkles visible at rest, have formed unless you are bothered by dynamic lines, which appear with expression. For example, some individuals may dislike the appearance of furrowed brows when annoyed or crow's feet in photos, and may choose to begin Botox treatments to improve their appearance with expression.

Most people typically consider Botox when dynamic lines start to become static lines, such as the "11" lines between the brows or horizontal lines on the forehead that appear more deeply etched into the skin. Another common sign it may be time to begin treatment is if makeup begins to crease. Our primary recommendation is to consider Botox when static lines begin to form, which typically happens in the mid-twenties when the body's collagen production begins to decrease. 

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